Delaware Water Gap

This past weekend we took a little trip to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area. We loaded up the car with the dogs and drove the 90 minutes to go. We wanted to see some waterfalls that we found and after the rain that hit us we figured now would be best. They would be in full flow. Unfortunately the dogs spent most of the day in the car because when we got there we found out that no dogs were allowed in the areas we went.

The first waterfalls we saw were Silver Thread Falls and Dingman Falls.


DingmanFallsAfter those waterfalls we went to the one we most wanted to see, Factory Falls. By this time it started to rain on us.



FactoryFalls3This is perhaps our favorite picture of the day though:

CloudsSunRainThe temperatures were a bit chilly that day and we were dressed for pretty warm weather when we (I) were actually pretty cold the entire time. Our favorite falls ended up being Factory Falls, the main waterfall that we wanted to see. We ended up cutting the trip short because of the rain, weather, and the fact that the dogs weren’t allowed anywhere.


One thought on “Delaware Water Gap

  1. Your fourth picture viewing the falls from that bridge looked pretty awesome. Sounds like the dogs would have had more fun at home.

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