This time as years fly

Around this time every year we get very nostalgic thinking back to our days when we traveled and worked summer jobs freely. We love looking at old pictures to see how our lives have changed, how we have changed, and how where we lived has changed. We wanted to post some pictures from past years (2009-2013) for the month of June since it’ll be here tomorrow!

5 years ago we were living in the Grand Canyon in Arizona! We moved there on May 20th, 2009 and had lived there until the beginning of August.

In June we were usually hiking off trails around this time in the Canyon:


Visiting the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. I think the best part of this trip was that our air conditioner didn’t work, so we were driving in 120* temperatures in a desert. Our car at the time was a black oldsmobile with black leather seats. OUCH, but we also got to see the original Route 66.



In 2009 we also got to hike into the canyon. We took off 2 days and caught 4:30am shuttle to the top of the South Kaibab Trail. We hiked 7.3 miles down to the campground near the Colorado River and camped out the night. The following day we hiked out at 5am we hiked another 10 miles out of the Canyon up the Bright Angel Trailhead. We LOVED this trip and it was something we always reminisce on. We would love to go back and hike the Canyon again from the North Rim to the South Rim this time! There’s something about being in the canyon that gives you so much more respect for it.GC3 GC4

In 2010 we had just moved from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan to Acadia National Park in Maine! We got there on May 16, 2010 and left during the middle of August. Our goal of the summer was to peak every mountain that there were trails to and we ended up succeeding before we left. During June of this year we hiked Dorr, Cadillac, Flying, Valley, St. Sauveur, Day, and South Bubble.


We also had family visit us from Michigan, Peigi and Jesse (pre-babies of course). We went to the Cadillac Mountain at sunrise, visited waterfall bridge, visited an antique car museum, and a few sites in the area. ANP3 ANP4

Then Adam & I went on a Puffin Watching Tour. We found a company that runs a boat that goes to Machias Seal Island. The island is a bird sanctuary where a bunch of different breeds of sea birds come to lay eggs, etc. The dock was about 72 miles away from where we were living in Seal Harbor. The boat left at 6am and was a 2-3 hour boat ride to the actual island.



After 2010 we had pretty uneventful things going on in June in comparison. In 2011 we got engaged in March and got a new car. In April we moved into the upstairs room (which was hugeee for us at the time and Adam graduated college:

2011-12011-2and in June we had our engagement pictures taken by our photographer. Due to copyright we cannot post them on our blog.

In 2012 we were planning the wedding, having bridal showers, and we visited the Lockridge Furnace in Alburtis


In 2013 we had visitors from Michigan. Adam’s family came to visit us. We went to Dorney Park, NYC, and our engagement spot.

2013 2013-1

We also ended up having a Suite at the Iron Pigs Minor League game for Father’s Day in 2013. Gotta love free things!


Reminiscing about the past always makes me sad that our lives aren’t as eventful as they were. We were always going off on adventures when we lived in the Grand Canyon and Acadia and now things have slowed down for us. Oh well! Maybe in another lifetime 😉


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