Trexler Preserve Hiking with the Dogs

Last weekend, (or was it the weekend before) we went hiking with the dogs. There aren’t many good places to go hiking in our area. We were spoiled with the views from hiking in Maine that nothing seems comparable. We want mountains, views, and everything included with that. The feeling of accomplishment that you get when you finally peak the mountain and see the hard work you just did is something that we thoroughly enjoy. Here there aren’t many mountains or hikes with a good view. We found out about the Trexler Nature Preserve when we were doing the covered bridge tour, so we set out to do some hiking on the trails. We might go back eventually because they have some awesome biking trails and if you know anything about us, we love biking.

The first part of this hike was soo deceiving. At the beginning when we were going up the hills I was so excited thinking we were going to be on top of a mountain and it would be such pretty views. Clearly, not the case, but it was really pretty!

Caution: We love our dogs like they are kids, so they always manage to find a way into our pictures! 🙂

TR1TR2TR3TR4The beginning part, I’m not gonna lie, was fairly easy. It was literally like a walk in the park…until we walked further. Then I took those happy thoughts back…


We got to a clearing with trees where we were gonna turn back around, but I had a brilliant idea! Lets walk down to the river. The nice easy walk turned into a fairly steep descend. All I kept thinking was what goes down must come back up! I’m stubborn. While I knew we might be better off turning back around, I said I wanted to go down to the river, so that is what we were gonna do.The dogs of course didn’t mind and were strictly business. I thought they would be tired by now. It was a fairly hot day out and we had been walking for about 20 minutes at a steady pace, but they wanted to go further as well.


Once we got to the bottom it was all worth it. The dogs got to cool off in the river. Harvey got to fall in some mud so that his whole back was caked in mud. And then we discovered…ticks. Brady had one on him and Harvey had two. They hadn’t begun sucking yet and were still super tiny. Once we got up to the car they got inspected again and there were no more on them.

TR8Going back up was definitely a challenge for us. The dogs, not so much. We have determined that either it is really hard OR we are out of shape. I guess we will have to go with the latter of the two. Anyway, eventually we made our way to the car. Whether someone walked the whole way and the other had to be picked up by the car does not matter at this point 😉





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