Making an Apartment Feel like Home?

Is that actually possible? It is something that we struggle with all of the time. We are the kind of people that if we don’t like the way something is, we want to fix it. Well, you kinda can’t just start tearing down walls and rearranging things. I mean…I suppose we could, but I’m pretty sure that the landlords and the management company wouldn’t appreciate it too much. I think we are the kind of couple that would prefer a fixer-upper to always have something to better and keep us busy. We like to have things “our way” with our own taste. There are so many things about this place that we would love to fix, but we cannot.

I was told that making a place feel like home is adding personal touches, pictures, decor, etc. We have done that to some extent. Though we are still working on adding more pictures and decor it always feels like in the back of our minds we keep remembering that “this is temporary”. We have some handmade shelves up and hung some pictures up, but I don’t think we have even begun to go below the surface of stuff we wanted and still want to get done.

The bedroom basically has not been touched since we moved. The same can be said for the guest room/dog room/office. There has been a lot of stuff going on in our apartment that has made us regret moving here. We love the facility as a whole. We love the pool, the fitness center (that we have never used yet), the dog walk area, the spacious apartments, and the layout of the apartment. We cannot, however handle the elephants upstairs. No matter what time of day they are always there. STOMPING. VERY. LOUDLY. There’s no such thing as walking lightly to them at all. All you can hear is the heavy footed neighbors. We always feel on edge and like we can never actually relax because there is always banging. They go to bed at 12-1am and wake up at around 7-8am. They stomp in their bedroom (our bedroom is under theirs) very early and it ends up waking us up several times in the morning.

After several complaints, (3 in one weekend) our landlords/management company FINALLY agreed to move us! We are being moved two apartments over on the second floor. When we first were looking at apartments we REFUSED to get a second floor apartment. Our dogs like to run laps at random times of the night before bed. It’s easier to just walk out the patio and take them to go to the bathroom (of course now they refuse to go to the bathroom near our apartment and have to be walked around the block). We could be as loud as WE wanted. There were a million other reasons we didn’t want a second floor. We didn’t realize that…we would be living below elephants.

The neighbors that are moving out are leaving in July. We are able to move out of those apartment and into the upstairs one on August 1-4. With this move we also have to sign a NEW lease. We would be getting the same “special” rate of about $100 off a month for rent, but we will be paying $5 extra a month to live upstairs. We will be here another year (a total of 16 months) and will have to be out by July 31st 2015.

We do still have some projects we want to start/finish:

Tufted headboard

Finish painting and upholstering the kitchen furniture

Sand and paint all of the living room tables (coffee and end table)

Build an island in the kitchen for the wall to create more storage

Sand and paint all of my bedroom furniture (nearly 40 years old and the white is looking pretty yellow at this point)

Hang up the LAST shelf in the living room above the television

Get more frames to hang up pictures/put them on shelves.


We are pretty excited about moving upstairs. We just hope our lap running dogs don’t annoy the downstairs neighbors!


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