Rock Garden in Somerset, New Jersey

In order to get out and away from the elephants, we decided to take a little day trip about an hour away and have a picnic. Adam found the Leonard J. Buck Garden online and thought it might be a nice getaway. The rain the past few weeks did manage to wipe out any existing flowers that there were, especially in Azalea Field. It wasn’t as nice as we expected, but I have a feeling that it was do to the rain mostly. We also planned to have a little picnic in the grass, but a picnic on the grass is not allowed at this facility, so we were limited to only the picnic table.


The marsh was really pretty. It reminded me of Acadia National Park at Aunt Betty’s Pond. The only downside was that there were so many gnats around that they were just landing all over your body.LBG3


Here’s our picnic. Watermelon, grapes, strawberries, and sandwiches. Afterwards we went to my favorite place ever. Frozen YOGURT! I’m addicted to any place that has frozen yogurt and you can put on your own toppings. If I could have JUST that for 3 meals a day….I would.LBG8





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